09 June 2008


ok...well i just wrote a very long post about gardening...about my achey gardening shoulders and then we had a power cut. why? i have no idea. it is the most beautiful sunny day so obviously not the weather. or maybe the weather telling to get myself outdoors pronto?!

so i shall return with my notes another time. for some reason i thought blogger would have done the auto-save thing it used to but maybe i have to set something up as this is a new blog? hmmm...i also have a very annoying word verification that i have to do when posting...i ask why do i have to do this? but they no-answer.

here's an old photo to be going on with in honour of the shiney day here. taken by my grandad c of my grandma c with my mum and sisters on holiday. loving the glasses. xxx


  1. LOVE this photo....loving this weather! x

  2. What a lovely photo, I love the sunglasses too!

  3. Such a great family photo... and I know all to well those posting difficulties (I am struggling with typepad irksomeness at the moment).
    see you, g

  4. :) what a perfect summer photo Kelly!! I think its a great idea to get outside and maybe wait for the ice-cream van..Enjoy the weather xxx

  5. I usually write in word then cut and paste - however if I had experienced a power cut I would have still lost it because I never save anything!
    I found the jelly shoes very reminiscent of my childhood - not I might add because I used to wear them it was because my mother wouldn't buy them for me....every summer holiday I used to have a pair of flip flops from Woolies....pink or blue

    Blogger is a law unto it’s self. I feel privileged it lets me post anything at all!

  6. i'm loving the glasses too. fun.


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