11 June 2008


bye bye coffee...tomorrow i start my drugs on round 2 of our fertility treatment. i had a last rendezvous with my cafetiere this morning. a breakfast for one in the sunshine. for the last month or so since the end of our 1st ivf cycle i've let a little caffeine back into my life : ) but now i've decided to go back to being as healthy as possible. not sure if it makes any difference...thing is i'll do anything i can to try for the best. so hello vanilla rooibos.

june 12th is our wedding anniversary. 4 years ago we were excitedly setting up the marquee with many home-made bits and pieces...including these napkins which my mum lovingly stitched.

afternoon treat served with yoghurt
nectarines with lemon and ginger

(oven set at about 200 degrees)
6 quartered nectarines
squeeze over the juice of a lemon
grate a thumb sized piece of fresh ginger and
sprinkle a tablespoon of dark muscavado sugar
over the fruit
mix with the spoon to coat the nectarines
pop in the oven for about half an hour
or a bit longer if not too ripe

(i think this would make a nice summer crumble filling too)

have you seen these? talk about judging a book by it's cover : )
i have this one lined up for my next bedside read...


  1. good luck kelly. i know it must be hard to give up caffeine. i love my morning cup. the afternoon treat sounds right up my alley. yum. xox

  2. Gosh yes, I think I'd want to read that book if its subject was trainspotting.

    The fruit looks scrumptious - I hope you had a lovely afternoon.

    That must be so hard giving up treats AND having to take the drugs...thinking of you and sending lots of happy wishes for a successful second round.

    It has took a while to click that you are Kelly loves Bosco...and then a bit longer to think about what Bosco might be...I'd been mistakenly thinking of Wesco and wondering why you liked bins so passionately...but now I know better - is it a television programme? x

  3. It has took a while! I mean taken!!! x

  4. oh good luck with the next round - will be keeping fingers and toes crossed for you.

    hope tomorrow is a relaxing day!

  5. You are so dedicated.

    I have indeed seen those beautiful books but sadly I rarely read fiction – I’m more of a how to type, book reader….

    I do a similar thing with peaches/nectarines…..I love the fruit at this time of year

  6. Anonymous11.6.08

    evening. nice top.

  7. I will be thinking of you. All that love and sacrifice will be worth it.

  8. Good luck with your next round of treatment. Keeping fingers crossed for you. I've just asked for book suggestions on my blog today so I'll add that one to the list, if only because of the fab cover.

  9. mmm mmmm mmmm gonna try that tomorrow, sending very warm wishes. xxx

  10. hi there!

    those nectarines look amazingly juicy.

  11. It is hard giving up the caffeine..but lovely treats instead make up for it :) and it will be worth it
    Hugs xxxx

  12. vanilla rooibos is a great way to wean yourself of coffee. try it with a little soy milk & steevia for a nice "chai latte" type taste but with zero regret.

    best of luck to you & your husband!

  13. Kelly I have everything crossed for you both, this time maybe this time sweetie x
    Happy anniversary to you for the 12 sorry it's a little late hun.
    I must try some of that yummy vanilla rooibos it sounds yum.
    Many hugs look forward to seeing the bunting card.
    Catherine x

  14. everything crossed for you & I think rooibush is yummy x

  15. good luck with the treatment, i must ask, where did you get the top, or the fabric? (did you make it?), it's stunning!.

  16. Love the coffee cup, good luck on your treatment (happy belated anniversary). You seem to use a lot of ginger in your cooking, that's interesting.

  17. best of luck sweet kelly...will be thinking of you both, xo


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