16 June 2008


i had a little thought today...this time 10 years ago i was just finishing up my fashion design degree in manchester. 4 years in the making. those last days were an emotional time. blimey. i remember the day i got my results there were many tears of relief! i called my parents from a phone box with the news (yes in the days before i even thought of owning a mobile) and the celebration hangover that followed was worth it!

my final collection was made all in comfy fabrics...fleeces and stretch. all slouchy pieces but with an element of preciousness with embroidery and in a colour scheme that i still love today. i got my mum and a friend of the family to model for me. it's so funny looking back at my sketch book now. i had this thing where i didn't want them to smile in the photos. why? i don't know but it was hard to keep a straight face! and i know mum will curse me for including the headband picture but i really love it.

back then i used a computer for the first time to write my dissertation and barely knew how to print off a word document. it actually makes me stop and realise how lucky i feel today to have such an amount of inspiration and information at my fingertips. in some ways i itch to go back and do it all again. to work harder. hmm...then again i don't think i could bear to live in a damp student house where slugs used to crawl along the kitchen floor at night! oh and the thought of a looming project deadline? yes...i think i'll just enjoy reminiscing : )


  1. Anonymous17.6.08

    ack! slugs and deadlines! two of my most hated things. yucky.
    i still have a recurring nightmare an essay that's due in tomorrow but that i haven't started. horrible. it does feel like christmas when i wake up and i realise it's not true though! xx

  2. Oh yes student days - little sleep, project deadlines...but i would love to go back and do it again!! How lovely to see parts of your final project. Mine is hidden in some dark corner of the store room!!!

  3. Oh I remember slugs in my student kitchen too! Definitely don't miss that bit of student life. Your final work looks really great. Isn't it great to look back at things. All my final portfolio is at my Mum and Dads and they keep nagging me to look through it and sort it out. And take it to my house! I'm feeling quite shocked to realise it's 14 years since I graduated!

  4. oh my goodness, I studied in Leeds and YES my friend had slugs in her room!
    Those were the days, no mobiles, how did we survive. I remember cheating my computer lessons, by using some very clever cut and paste with photocopies!!
    Now I can't live with out the internet.
    Your collection looked beautiful by the way, so soft and comfortable and very 2008, I must say x

  5. Slugs on the kitchen floor...luxury! We had one house where we would find them on the hob!

    Your book looks wonderful though...such lovely, simple, appealing pictures. It is always strange to think how things have changed - I am still waiting for the bit when I actually feel as mature as I expected a 31 year old to feel!


  6. Ooow project deadlines, they used to drive me insane. And I was only at a adult collage doing a small child care course for my old job. But the feelings of dread used fill me up argh I thought my head explode. I wouldn't do it again not for all the tea in china lol
    Fabulous photos hun.
    Thanks for sharing your 10 years ago.
    Many hugs.
    Catherine x

  7. I'm not bragging but I still have slugs right now! I have a kitchen slug and would you Adam and Eve it one that dances round my living room!!!
    I'm not sure I want to think about 10 years ago....I certainly don't want to think about 10 years from now!!

  8. we have little orange slugs outside of our house here and they don't bother me nearly as much as the giant ones that were in our nc garden. ;) i think looking back on our lives is always good. i sometimes have the same feeling that i wish i could go back and work harder or work with more purpose, intention, clarity. however, i always think it is better to live in the present moment. better but difficult at times. :)


  9. We had slugs too!

    With or without the slugs the floor was always sticky by end of term from all the spray-mount used to put together my portfolio!

  10. Thank you so much for sharing about your student days. You studied fashion in Manchester? how cool! (did you know that's where I am :)) - your work is gorgeous! I am a student again, it can be difficult returning after spending some time in the university of life.


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