18 June 2008


ok. the sniffing drugs i'm taking are horrible. worse than last time. taste disgusting.

so i am needing nice things to eat. this is a big summer favourite in our house and the flavour fits the bill very well these days!

carrot salad made in the food processor
(based on a recipe by tessa kiros)

blitz 1/4 red onion and a big piece of fresh ginger
add about 8 big carrots (cut in chunks) and whizz up a bit more

for the dressing...
half a lemon
a few glugs of e.v. olive oil
1/4 tsp white pepper and ground cardamom
pinch of salt

...mix it all up and it tastes even better the next day
(lovely with a jacket potato and cottage cheese)

and of course i have self-prescribed a daily dose of maya gold too for the symptoms!


  1. The sniffing drugs do not sound nice but the salad sounds delicious and you definitely can't beat a bit of maya gold to take nasty tastes away.

  2. ohh - thank you for the carrot yumminess
    i am always on the look out for a new veggie supper.
    hope you are bearing up sweet girl
    thinking of you and wishing, wishing, wishing for good things :)
    t x

  3. Anonymous19.6.08

    Hi there nesty,

    that sounds yummy, I may let you make it for me one day! Keep your chin up and keep taking the choco medicine, I swear by it!!
    love bizelily x
    ps. I loved the nostalgic stroll through your Manchester collection, who was that woman with her head bandaged!!

  4. I always have carrots left over at the end of the week so I shall try this recipe:)
    Poor you with the sniffing.
    I can't share your love of chocolate though - if I never had another piece for the rest of my life I wouldn't miss it

  5. Oh poor you...so pleased you are treating yourself to some chocolate though! x

  6. Im not a big fan of carrots but the chocolate sounds like a great idea to me!!!

    What are the top images of?

    Hope youre having a lovely weekend xxx

  7. Mmmm...looks like comfort food.
    Get well soon! (ps. I think I'll try some of that chocolate).

  8. ...oops I just read about your drug, you're not ill at all :P (good luck)


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