19 June 2008


our garden is overflowing with sage right now...reaching out to shake hands with the lawn! i can't bear to chop it all back at the moment so i'm using a lot of it in the bath and in the kitchen. loving the colours in these watery photos...so soothing.


  1. beautiful photos, what a good idea, our sage has gone loopy too, but I don't use it as often as I do with rosemary and thyme and parsley, now I know what to use it for.

  2. Shame - I have just pulled up my crazy sage.....it had gone a bit woody.....I have only ever used it once in something....

  3. Fab idea for the bath, we have sage in a pot, now I can cook with it and bath in it too lol.
    Catherine x

  4. Sage in the bath, what's that like? :) love this sentence 'reaching out to shake hands with the lawn'.


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