22 June 2008


i've been getting some long-overdue stock together today. my sweet friend sells it for me in her lovely cafe leo. little gifts. nothing more than a fiver really. just the sort of thing someone may indulge in alongside their coffee.

and i'm loving my new corner cutter! oh yes. very addictive. very kindly introduced to me over here. and working a little thing out like a new label design has felt very gratifying tonight.

a gentle weekend for us. a rainy saturday. the woodburner lit at midsummer? yes it's true. football watched. bara brith baked. a brilliantly sunny but oh so windy sunday. sheets all twisting up on the line but drying super-fast. spying my dad flying over our house. listening to c practise guitar. listening to the archers. loving the light evenings. hope yours was a good one too!


  1. Oh Kelly, they're lovely. Such intricate careful work and the label designs look fantastic. I'm admiring of your printer too - ours produces such poor-quality prints, but yours look completely professional - or do you get them done professionally - was assuming not as it's a Sunday? x

  2. Loving the new stock, best of luck with it all.
    Sounds like a great weekend was had by you both.
    Off now to listen to the Archers on the computer. Missed again argh!
    Thank goodness for catch-up.
    Many hugs.
    Catherine x
    Ps I dropped you an email thanking you for all my lovely goodies. My fella and girls looked at me very oddly when I screamed with delight on opening it up.
    You'd think they'd be used to my craziness by now lol

  3. Your cards are lovely, such a nice design.
    We had our woodburner on this weekend too, it was flippin' freezing!

  4. Anonymous24.6.08

    Hi Kelly,

    I love those pretty cards, I'm afraid I wouldn't want to part with them!! It was a very chilly weekend, even Sunday, when we had lovely sunshine the wind was huge; nice to sit by the fire and sample your bara brith!
    love bize x

  5. Please tell me where I can get my mits on a corner cutter!

    Glad you had a lovely weekend:)

  6. Loving your postcards, they are so pretty with the lace (gorgeous label). I think I am tempted to get myself a corner cutter too :)

  7. just finished listening to the archers!

  8. your photos are all so lovely, my sister (jess from the white verandah) said i should definately have a look at your blog. and i'm glad i did!
    Jess bought me my own blog and website for a graduation present so i'm still learning and my blog is quite bare (i've put a couple of pieces of work up), but i'll be posting away soon no doubt!

    hope you are well and best of luck with everything



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