02 July 2008


i made a trip over to see my granddad g this morning. we had a cup of tea and a chat...talking about everything from cooking duck to servicing volvos! then instead of rushing off home i took a stroll round the town. this is where my dad was born and bred. somehow today i saw it with fresh eyes. it's gearing up for a festival at the weekend so there are a lot of flowers around...the shops are making a special effort with hanging baskets + dressed windows.

the town itself is pretty tired in places. old-fashioned but not trendy-old-fashioned if you know what i mean. but in taking a bit of time to look closely today i was pleasantly suprised at what i found. really beautiful tones. market town quirks. reach for the roof hollyhocks. colours that shout-out vintage england. i liked it a lot. especially the sweet floral fabric banner that stretched across the garage forecourt!

i also found a new charity shop to rummage in! some worthy finds made their way home with me...went straight in the washing machine and are blowing on the line right now. back here for a show + tell tomorrow!


  1. such charming photos. xo

  2. wow it looks so pretty, that banner is beautiful, above a garage you say?
    I love your new cards and tag, I would definitely purchase over a cup of coffee.
    Hope you well,
    Mandy x

  3. That banner is gorgeous, how pretty.
    I always love your photos, your very good at capturing beauty in the most unlikely places.

  4. Hi Kelly,
    Wow what a wonderful little village. Very charming, I just love places like these, they are so untouched by modern life. Locked in a fabulous time type of living.
    Lovely to hear about your grandad and looking forward to see the pretty new buys.
    Hows things going sweetie? hope your both well.
    Can you send me some photos of your gorgeous bookmarks, I'm after a new one for my ever growning collection of books. As you know I love greens and pinks.
    Many thanks hun.
    Big hugs.
    Catherine x

  5. hi kelly, your photos are lovely, this is what i love about England, the untouched quirky market towns..and their charity shops! and that floral banner, how cool is that? hope you're well x

  6. Anonymous3.7.08

    Hi Kelly,
    What a fabulous stroll through the old town, can't believe I've been there so many times without really seeing it!! I'm sure you know what I want to do ...... get my sketch book out and plonk myself on a corner;(especially the pink cottage that belonged to auntie winnie) brings back lovely memories of our summer painting weeks! love m x

  7. I think it's good to know your 'roots'and it's lovely you now have photos of the town your dad was born in.

  8. Wonderful photos! Reminds me of the little old towns that I just love to look at as the backdrop to many PBS Mystery/Masterpiece shows. And how sweet is that floral banner? So unique and lovely! Thanks for sharing! :)

  9. Such a beautiful town, I love all the pastels (heart the turquoise wall with the plant - so you). Isn't it wonderful when you take time to spot things you neglected to notice because you seen it many times, or to see it with fresh tourist eyes? Thanks for sharing.


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