04 July 2008


naughty naughty. i do believe i said i'd write a post yesterday about my charity shop finds...

hmmm...i got a little sidetracked by the day job + lunchtime sunshine + evening tennis! if i was back at school i'd probably have to use bosco for my late-homework excuse!

and today? well i took myself off for tea + croissant with a lovely friend to see her wedding photos + crazy honeymoon bungee dvd. so i'm not quite finished with one of my thrift projects...can i postpone 'til tomorrow please?

signing off now for a chilled out friday evening. it is a beautifully sunny one here. burning some may chang + geranium oils. waiting for c to get home...union bar nuts to eat with a little drink before supper. have you tried them? so easy to prepare + extremely moreish!

wishing you lovely readers in america a very happy 4th of july + wishing everyone who stops by here a very happy weekend ahead. xxx


  1. Thats a fab excuse honey lol
    But I'm gonna have to give you a black board of lines lol
    Please write I MUST MAKE TIME FOR MYSELF AND EAT CAKE. 100 times
    Joking aside, it's lovely to hear your chilling out and not stressed anymore.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Look forward to hearing about the book marks.
    Many hugs.

    Catherine x

  2. I love that tray, and the food looks delish!


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