27 July 2008


i baked you a brownie!

it's to say a heartfelt thank you for the good luck wishes and lovely words left following the last post. each and every one gives me an extra boost which helps heaps right now.

week one of waiting has been fine. i've spent time with my mum on a new commission (more of that to be shown soon) and indeed she looked after me and ciaran for the top part of the week which was brilliant! lovely dinners...watching films...a foot massage...just having you around made me feel calm and collected mum : )

we also made the most of a few days off together once it was just the 2 of us and took a couple of gentle day trips out. a picnic at the seaside...a punt on the river cam...ice creams aplenty and afternoon naps. relaxing and keeping the happy feelings flowing!

and to top it all off i have been the recipient of the best kind of mail lately...suprise goodies!

when a man in a van brought flowers to my doorstep i thought these have got to be for a neighbour...but these pretty freesias in all colours were for me and make me smile each time i look at them. lynsey you are such a precious friend to me!

and a squidgy jiffy bag of delights also dropped through the letterbox to brighten my morning..ok are you ready to see a very cute bunny rabbit?

she is handmade by lynn...one of my best blogging buddies from the early days. lynn has shared so much with me over the last few years since we "met"...from the best and easiest cake recipe to a thrifted cardigan. we email on random subjects...anything from woodburning stoves to tv crushes. and now i have a gorgeous new softy who i'm keeping close. i'm thinking of her as my lucky mascot : )

under the label of florence hope lynn works on the most gorgeous things along with lovely stella who made this bag especially for me. isn't it sweet? it is beautifully sewn...the perfect shape for summer days and even better i think there are more bags on the horizon so i'm keeping an eye on their shop.

lined in my favourite green!

so things have to kind of get back to normal here tomorrow. we both head back to the day jobs. carry on waiting. some new projects. birthday cards to make. catching up with emails. ironing. and all the while keep positive!!


  1. Aren't Mums great sometimes!

    Wishing you lots of luck over the coming week - thinking of you and sending positive thoughts your way.


  2. Kelly, you are most welcome:)

    Those flowers are beautiful....I do like freesias

    Keepping everything crossed for you


  3. So great to have family and friends around for encouragement, happy that you had time to enjoy the summer sun and a spot of picnic. Sending you good wishes and dreams.x

  4. Glad you enjoyed your mum and she spoilt you. I miss mine. Funny to think of her living so close to you and so far from me.
    Keep thinking positive!

  5. hi kelly.

    thinking of you so much. enjoy the small pleasures of the summer. xo

  6. Aww well deserved treats Kelly, enjoy them all hun.
    And great having your Mum with you, just what you need. There is nothing like a mothers tlc and love.

    Many hugs.

    Catherine x

  7. Hi Kelly - It certainly sounds like your head is in the right place - the last few days you describe sound lovely, and how nice to receive such lovely goodies in the post. I am sure I am not alone in saying that everyone here in blogland has everything crossed for you - Natalie x

  8. You deserve it all. And another little parcel is in the making..Enjoy your goodies my friend xxx

  9. lovely, lovely treats for a lovely, lovely lady x
    and go gentle back in to the working world
    t x

  10. Kelly - You're definitely in my thoughts and I am sending good kharma your way - you're much deserving of nothing but great things. I've never met your mum but I am glad you two have each other she sounds wonderful! Take care!!


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