19 July 2008


keep calm and carry on...

i believe that's the appropriate mantra.

friday saw us making a dash to our 2 remaining embryos. the day before 7 had been taken out of the deep freeze. i remember on wednesday evening me and c had talked about what was around the corner. wondering how things were going in the place where the white-coated-people are. thawing the embryos we made in april...how crazy-amazing is that? and we both felt quietly optimistic. so the next morning a phone call from the clinic took us by suprise. 3 hadn't survived the defrost and another 2 had gone overnight. it was a case of drop everything and go. it seemed the best bet was to get the transfer done straight away whilst we still had 2 good embryos...and so that's what we did.

and now we're home. and i'm not quite sure what to think. it's a bit like...did that all really happen yesterday?

today i've been to see my acupuncturist which made me feel a hundred times better. i lay there with the sunshine on my head. needles in my ears. and her soothing voice making me feel centred again.

putting the feet up and taking it easy now whilst we wait. bosco has gotten the laid-back-bug too. ciaran has kept me smiling. and my mum is coming to cook us a sunday dinner tomorrow. having her around will keep me positive. oh and the comfort of a roast potato...that's got to help!


  1. Oh Kelly, I am sending so many positive vibes your way...what a rollercoster of a couple of days. Wishing those lovely little embryoes do their thing.

    I like the half-in half-out photo...that made me laugh. x

  2. Sending you loads of positive thoughts and sticky vibes. While we're not quite at the same stage as you, we'll start IVF in Jan 2009. Hope your embryos are making themselves nice and snug. Good luck and hope the 2WW goes quickly for you xxx

  3. I've got my fingers crossed for you Kelly, hope the sunday lunch lunch is delicious, just keep calm and carry on!

  4. Thinking of you. You look so lovely lying there in the sunshine, thinking positive thoughts.
    Enjoy the roast, and your mum.

  5. Will your mum stay and look after you this week?
    I'm keeping everything crossed for you both.

  6. Keeping everything crossed for you that you get good news soon. I am following your story with interest as we will have to have IVF when we start on a family. I really hope it works out for you.

  7. Thinking of you both going through the next couple of weeks, really hope that it is positive news at the other end.

    Be good to yourself.

    L xx

  8. Hi Kelly, I am thinking of you and keeping everything crossed that it works out for you this time. Like Jessica said, keep calm, relax and think positively
    Natalie x

  9. Keeping fngers and toes crossed for you (loving your centred photo), warm wishes.

  10. Anonymous21.7.08

    Oh sweetie...can't imagine the gambit of feelings you must both be running right now....

    Thinking of you two, and the wee two as well, and keeping everything i've got crossed for you.

    You're amazing - you know this, right? xo

  11. Yes, agreed with all above, I am sending you a big bunch of virtual blooms, smell them, breathe them in, keep calm and carry on. Big hugs xxxxx

  12. The keep calm and carry on sign is the best thing, just go with it sweetie and let those little embryoes work their magic. Good luck to you both. I'm thinking of you.

    Your cat has the right idea just roll over the put your belly in the air lol
    Many hugs hun
    Catherine x

  13. Oh oh...I am here too praying for you both...just keep those positive thoughts coming.
    Bigs hugs, xxx


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