15 July 2008


i can see this becoming a regular feature...so many magazines to wade through in my house! today i'm feeling the love for these 4. some i can pinpoint the origin...some i can't. like the chrysanthemum which i don't think i've ever seen in that colour in real life. (actually i believe this may have come from a martha stewart living...i just found some other tears that look like they follow this page)

the fashion image is from a v old british elle. i can tell by the type layout. probably late nineties. oh yes. i am a self confessed magazine-geek when it comes to these things! right now i'd love to be that girl on the beach.

i'll have a guess on these. plates from vogue...obviously torn out in an "i heart green" moment. i'll never shake off my love for that colour. and lastly to image 4 which i have deduced comes from an ancient living etc or maybe a good homes. taken for keeps as i made a pact with myself to one day live in a house with a bathroom painted that very colour...soaking in the tub as i admire the prettiest dress hanging on the door. oh to dream!

please feel free to join in by the way. and to dear shari who asked how i store all these sheets...currently in very haphazard fashion! i'm hoping to move them from boxes and bags in to beautifully catalogued folders. yeah right. i should probably get round to putting my wedding photos in to an album first! but one day i will store these properly and you never know maybe someone in years to come might love them as much as i do?


  1. these are so pretty. off to look through my own. xo

  2. Anonymous15.7.08

    ooh, i might join in on a wednesday. we could be a bit of a double act...
    (and i'd like a photocopy of the plates one if possible! xx ha ha)

  3. I just started on my tear-sheet collection too. I have way too many magazines but I couldn't throw them out without rummaging through them first.

  4. Hey, I might have to join you on tear sheet tuesday, I have far too many piles of mags lying around the house.....

    L xx

  5. Hi Kelly, I love the green bathroom pic - I am thinking of doing my bedroom a soft green. Thank you for your lovely message regarding my shabby chic dressing table - I am going to keep it white, and I have bought some lovely glass knobs for the drawers today - Natalie x

  6. Oh kelly, I am currently doing exactly the same thing! My piles and piles of magazines are getting out of hand, and I have torn pages everywhere! (slowly putting them into files consuming countless boxes of clear pockets) :)-good luck with organising.


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