08 July 2008


an image hoarder. that's me. can't shake it off but i'm trying to edit my reams of magazine tear-outs from many many years. some can go but some i need to keep.

my selection process? if upon looking at said page makes me smile...it stays! these 2 have made the cut today. i think the top one is from country living. the pink pool? no idea but it sort of sums up the kind of summer we have here this week in my part of england.


  1. i love the pink pool too! excellent. and sorting mine has just become top of my list of good things 'to-do'
    ta! xx

  2. i love the idea of tear sheet tuesday. maybe i will join in next week. how do you store yours by the way? xo

  3. Anonymous9.7.08

    Hi Kelly,
    how odd, that first picture could be you in your little room in cambridge all those years ago, remember the cream curtain?
    happy wednesday love M x

  4. Hi Kelly,
    the top one is from country living as i have the same torn out sheet! it was from an article about a woamn who recycles and dyes wool blankets and makes them into cushions etc.
    It's a great image, the colour balance beautiful and i love her skirt!

  5. Love your blog! Thanks for your comment, it really made me laugh : )

  6. Ooh, my magazine stash is overflowing, I so need to declutter. Love these images, and your idea.

  7. and I thought it was only me with a magazine cut out problem?
    I too remember that top photo.....a wool blanket used as a curtain? .....my clothes moths would have a field day!

  8. :comes out of lurking:

    Helloo! I've been reading your blog for such a long time now, and I thought it's about time I said hello, and this is the perfect post to do so as SNAP! I too scrapbook pieces from magazines, newspapers and articles and hoard them in scrapbooks. I've net met anyone else who did this!

  9. hi kelly, your selection process makes me smile. love that pink pool too, it does sum up our summer in England indeed!


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