31 July 2008


another pic from the archives. i love my grandparent's photos and a lot of them feature family holidays. this one sees my grandad c on the left...he of the very white legs! and then my mum (facing camera) and sisters all sat on the one towel having a picnic. i think grandma must have taken this and i'm sure it's got to be on a beach in norfolk...there's a tradition going way back to take summer trips there in our family.

mum has the sweetest looking swimming costume on. if only i could see the real life version!x


  1. That is so much fun! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. what do you think they are eating?

    When I find out how to scan I will show you some of me in a bikini!!

  3. i love this photo!

  4. Hi kelly,

    I loved that costume; I thought it so grown up and daring, dark blue edging with different coloured sauage dogs on it, how chic!
    We were eating fresh bread with lunchen meat in, bought from the shops in Hunstanton, where we always had our holidays!

    love M xx

  5. Grandad C looks like he is looking at what the girls are eating and licking his lips! - lovely photo, people looked so much more glamourous in those days - Natalie x

  6. Theres always so muh to look at in old photos..the details of then. This picture is wonderful!!

    Hugs xxx

  7. I love old family photos, they are so heart-warming.


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