03 August 2008


a list of gladness...with a hint of morrissey
(i'd insert a heart at this point but don't know how!)
starting with the beautiful flowers from my aunt rosemary

all's good here
we went to a fabulous party on saturday at abi's cafe...celebrating her birthday and spent the most lovely evening in her new garden with twinkly lights :: great music :: cheeky cocktails (ok...just ginger beer + lime for me!) :: yummiest barbeque :: dancing :: chatting :: seeing old friends...it was perfect!

when i saw this print for sale here i had to buy it for her birthday. for we loved the smiths...we loved them a lot...damn it we even went vegetarian! and she does looks like you abi...in the days when we wore more eye make-up :

runner beans brought in to the post office from one of our friendly customers. the smell as i cut them up for sunday dinner was so good. and to eat from a local garden and a generous person...delicious. sorry morrissey...we ate them with chicken!

and just to enhance the good things going on i pre-ordered this...how excited?? it is going to be a treat to see it on the shelves here later in the year especially feeling a connection with the contributors. congratulations to manda on her new job as editor!


  1. I've seen the Smiths twice - obviously a very long time ago....when I was young and Morrissey was slim and so was I!!

  2. What a lovely party and that picture for your friends birthday gift is gorgeous sweetie.
    Yummy chicken and runner beans.

    Thanks for you kind words on my blog. I'm doing ok, just need to carry on for my Gran's sake.

    Many hugs.
    Catherine x

  3. Darling kelly,

    what a lovely weekend you had, abi's party looked magical; I'm sure you have more magical things to come,

    love M xx

  4. Summer parties are just the best, you all look very happy.

    Hope all is well with you.

    L x

  5. Looks like a great party, I haven't been to a party for ages (boo hoo!) - Natalie x

  6. You do sound very happy!

    Lovely party, your photos make me wish I was in England too.

  7. It really does sound perfect - what a lovely evening. Morrissey just had a one off concert here - but i didnt make it to the tickets in time!!

    I hope this weekend is just as good. Smiles and hugs xxx

  8. I love garden parties, fairy lights and BBQ...now we just need more sun!


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