25 August 2008


hello! i'm back from a lovely bank holiday break in norfolk.

the flower festival went well. my hansel and gretel arrangement came together in the end and spending the day with my mum and aunt in the church at potter heigham was a real treat.

getting started proved a little tricky but once the framework of greenery was in i enjoyed filling the scene with pretty flowers. some were bought at the supermarket but for me the best bits were from mum's garden (hydrangea, lavender, cotinus, hypericum, ceanothus, leycesteria) see? i've even got to learning a few names too!

there was so much good stuff around to photograph. the amazing (and much more professional) arrangements of course which i'll be posting over at flickr...along with many other little delights dotted about the old building including sweet print fabric seat pads, colourful hand stitched kneelers, an ancient kettle sat on stone steps and beautiful flowers aboard a calor gas fire.

it was nice to re-visit a few days later and take my grandparents, my dad and ciaran along to see what we'd been up to. after a cup of tea in the graveyard (not as scary as it sounds!) we made our happy way home with the obligatory church charity purchases...home-made cakes for everyone , a marrow for dad (florence he needs your soup recipe!) and a piece of seventies fabric from the bric-a-brac stall for me (a bag or a skirt i wonder?)


  1. oooh! I do like those church chairs and the fabric on them too. Your gingerbread house is gorgeous...I've kept thinking about it over the weekend as it has inspired me to want to do a gingerbread house applique...but it's difficult thinking of how to replicate all those lovely sweets!

    So pleased to hear that you have had a nice weekend and that you are surrounding yourself with all your lovelies who will take lots of care of you.

    We are on our third batch of marrow soup...it's now just a case of finding the marrow supply to keep up with demand! x

  2. The Gingerbread House is magical. Give yourselves a pat on the back!
    Love the other photos on Flickr:)

  3. The Hansal and Gretel house looked amazing sweetie.
    Well done on doing it and how lovely to spend time with your Mum and Aunty.
    Looking forward to seeing if the fabric turns into a bag or skirt.
    I hope you're keeping well and thinking ahead for the future. Your time will come honey. If you ever need to chat please email or call, I'm here for you, sometimes it helps to just have a friendly shoulder to lean on.
    Many hugs.
    Catherine x

  4. Oh Kelly it sounds like a wonderful break. Your arrangement looks beautiful and well done on the name remembering - i can never seem to remember them!!!
    Lovely chair cushion too. Im looking for some of those for our newly painted chairs ;)
    Great to have you back xxx

  5. Hi Kelly

    It was, indeed, a fab weekend and you did your mum proud! just returned from collecting out bits and pieces from from the church and heard lots of good feedback, your house was much admired!
    love M xx

  6. What a lovely display, I am in awe of your Hansel & Gretel house - just brilliant - I know I would have pigged out on the jelly tots etc big time! Love those church fairs - especially the homemade cakes.

  7. I love how your gingerbread house turned out surrounded by garden flowers, so beautiful! So happy you had a wonderful bank holiday with friends and family.

  8. Hansel & Gretal turned out wonderfully! It really looks so lush and the house is adorable!


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