31 August 2008


i am looking forward to september

like many out there i've been noticing the signs that we're moving in to a new season
+ i am greeting it with open arms

sorry summer...you had your chance but you never really got that friendly this year...you didn't give me many days to bare my legs so i'm ready to take the hand of autumn + to get my woolly tights out! i feel slightly sad to rush on like this + leave you behind but right now i've got my head buried deep in all those tempting new clothing catalogues + have a plan to buy a coat already. so what will happen if next month brings a heatwave? we'll see...

clothes aside there are genuine changes around. busy spiders outside our windows...soon we'll be spying their glittering morning webs + the light is fading now at just after seven pm here.

so on the brink of a new month i am off now to make a list. yes...i am feeling the need for plans. and with so much happening over the next four weeks i am going to need to be a seriously organised girl!

three special birthdays (cards + gifts to make)
a wedding (another gift + an outfit to find for me)
our holiday in ireland (the dreaded packing + bosco feeding to arrange)
a family visitor (ciaran's uncle colm is coming to stay for two weeks to do some painting in our house so there's f+b charts to peruse)

as much as anything it feel like an fresh start. a new chapter. hope again.
oh it's all good. and it all starts tomorrow! x


  1. Good idea Kelly - even I am considering a list....
    That fabric you are teasing us with is rather lovely......what do you have planned??
    There is a new F&B colour I am in love with.....no.241 Skimming Stone....if I could redo bits of my house that is the colour I would be using.....

  2. yay for september! I think the Lisa Stickley domain name has run out because the site was there yesterday and gone today!

    Have a good week ; )

  3. I am feeling the same about coat planning...I love the end of the summer in many ways - it feels like I can get down to the proper business of dressing - lovely thick tights, nice coats, yummy scarfs and cosy jumpers. Am I the only one to be delighted by the suddenly dark evenings? I hope that your coat gives you must autumnal happiness...and so pleased to hear that the hope is back. x

  4. Ohh that fabric! What do you have planned for it?? Happy September to you Kelly and welcome to autumn whereever you are :)
    Hmm A list is a great idea. Maybe i will join you..
    Hugs, xxx

  5. I did hope for warmer weather, but autumn wear is gorgeous, so here's looking forward to the new season and fresh start!

  6. Hi Kelly, I know what you mean about getting ready for winter, I went to Primark and stocked up on loads of pairs of thick wooly tights at the weekend (they are great quality and only £2 a pair - bargain!) Summer has been a real let down again, lets hope for a lovely autumn - Natalie x


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