01 September 2008


right now i'm at a standstill.

while we stayed up in norfolk a week ago i had a knitting lesson from my mum. we chose wool + bought needles. we planned to spend time together with my grandma mary that weekend...hoping she'd find that place where she felt happy + confident doing something that she was the best at. memories of the cosy aran pieces she made for us all...the sweetest fairisle jumpers too. for the littlest ones and the grownups alike. she could watch tv, read a book + knit knit knit all at the same time. and i probably never quite appreciated what a talent that is until now.

my mum's a great knitter too. i'm so pleased that she's taught me how to cast on. i ended up going the wrong way on the second row! mum rescued me + started me off again...then i sat and merrily (if rather awkwardly) + carried on. and i made myself stop for a minute and take in the lovely picture before me of us all sat there together...needles in hand.

of course i didn't really know where my 30 stitches would take me at the time. i just knew that i was enjoying it. that calm feeling of repetitive action without too much thought (once i got going!) and the nice soft wool between my fingers. so i just kept going and here i am now at the end of the ball...having progressed to a knit 1 row purl 1 row. suprise suprise i've decided on a scarf and my mum is going to get me another 2 balls + give me that all important next lesson when i see her on wednesday. when i'm done (and had my cast off lesson!) i think i'll line it with some fabric as a nod to the patchwork style scarves i've made in the past.

i told you i was in an autumnal mood! i'm already thinking ahead to wrist warmers and leg warmers...and lots of layers. maybe with this lovely top from tulip and nettle?

happy september!


  1. You sound like a quick learner, the beginnings of a scarf and the wool is beautiful, can't wait to see it finished! Enjoy the learning process + look forward to more experiments in the future. PS. very cute top from Tulip & Nettle.

  2. Well Done Kelly - you have done very well so far.
    Have a look on You Tube for knitting and crochet tips....

    Now I know you might not want to do this but I will happily unpick a evenings knitting and start over again....it's a good thing to do if you aren't not 100% happy.

    The other thing I would suggest is knit a scarf in chunky wool as it's easy and quick and will build up your confidence:)

    I wish we lived nearer to one another....

  3. Oh i would love to learn too!! Your beginning is looking so beautiful. I also love the layered look for autumn/winter.

    You are going to make a great knitter.. Enjoy. xxx

  4. love the yarn you're using. i have not graduated to the purl stitch...it confuses me too much but i have made a few simple scarves. the tulip and nettle top looks like a perfect match for your lovely style. xo

  5. Hi Kelly,
    very proud of my new knitter, we'd better move on to the casting off lesson or you could go for miles!!
    love M xx

  6. Oh my gosh, that top is too pretty. & I agree that knitting can be very meditative.


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