07 September 2008


a credit crunch crumble

plums from grandad g's garden...£0

elderberries from our garden...£0

other bits from the cupboard + recipe found here

i've never used elderberries before + wasn't sure if they could be used. i found another website that suggested elderberry schnapps which might make for some good christmas gifts. don't they look like black pearls? so pretty.

making jam with the rest of the plums is on my list of jobs for the week ahead.

(purple part two tomorrow)


  1. mhhh, looks delicious! a love plum jam. a treasured childhood memory! we had an old plum tree in the garden and in late summer we were no longer allowed barefoot in the garden because of all the bees and wasps enjoying the ripe plums on the ground. my mom always left a couple for the bees. my dad would harvest elderberries for his annual apple cider. it give the cider a nice colour. enjoy your jam and ave a good week, erika

  2. Credit Crunch Crumble.....love it.

    Plum jam....yummy.

    Jam tarts?

  3. Looks good! I was admiring the purple wonderfullness of elderberries when we went out for a walk yesterday. Now I have an excuse to harvest them. Thank you! I wonder what plumptious, purpleness you have instore for us all tomorrow?

  4. We have been making apple crumble every weekend for the last month - So good with custard.. mmm.
    Those purple pearls are so pretty.
    Happy Monday to you xxx

  5. oh wow kelly. looks delicious. we drink elderberry syrup when we feel like we are getting a cold. :) xo

  6. Anonymous8.9.08

    1/2 eaten crumble means they worked i take it?!

  7. Purple is the colour of the season, beautiful photographs + love the credit crunch reference.

  8. delicious!! Your pictures are so good.

  9. My tummy is rumbling looking at that crumble :) It all looks delicious and love the colours.


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