14 September 2008


did i say tomorrow? you knew i meant a week tomorrow didn't you?

; )

i just don't seem to be able to manage my me-time lately. we have a house guest. we've had some decorating done. i'm trying to get sorted for our holiday next week. putting off packing. say no more...hoping that i'll get back in the groove come october!

and back to purple. so much of it about in the shops right now. i'm pretty sure that full on prince purple just doesn't suit me no matter how many magazines say it's the colour to be seen in this season. but there are shades on that scale that i do like.

i think it's a good colour to accessorise with. i have some things to put in my etsy shop in october and ahead of the restock i'd like to offer a little giveaway. would you like a dolly corsage?

just leave a little comment by thursday evening 2000 gmt and the next day i'll announce a winner...i'm happy to post anywhere so don't be shy.

and now i'd better get back to my to-do list...if i'm very much mistaken i haven't actually decided what to take to wear to the wedding in ireland and i also need to think what way to get my hair cut tomorrow!


  1. I hate to be the first one, because it seems like the first one hardly ever wins, but I would like one please!

  2. Anonymous16.9.08

    i love puple and mauve tones. the brooch is so pretty and beautfully stitched. please add me to your draw.

  3. What a sweet handmade dolly corsage. And so purply-ish! :)Ooh..a wedding in Ireland...sounds like a nice holiday! Enjoy!

  4. Good luck with the choices that need making, i'm sure you're find the right ones.
    What to take and how to have you're hair.
    Loving the dolly brooch, it's a fabulous colour.
    Thanks sweetie for all the lovely comments, sorry it's been a while in commenting on your post but times just flying by. If we could all buy it on the internet it would be a best seller lol
    Many hugs
    Look forward to more gorgeous work from you soon.
    Enjoy your break.
    Catherine x

  5. Anonymous17.9.08

    oooh yes please. i think my hand might just be up the highest you know kelly. obviously, you have to pick me ;) xx

  6. It is funny how some colours no matter what you do just don't do it for you....

    My heart sinks when pastels or brights are deemed 'in'....

  7. Purple used to be my favourite colour for years - i used to choose everything purple but i realised that purple also doesnt suit me or my home :)
    Im also having trouble with the 'me-time' at the moment..when i finally find a spare hour im too stressed out about making the most of it!!
    I thought you had already left for ireland - hope you have a lovely trip.
    Hugs, xxx

  8. I am not a purple clothing person either for some reason, but I LOVE this corsage! Great way to incorporate the colour...
    Hope you have a nice trip away
    Take Care
    Clare x

  9. I love the design! Stunning.

  10. I am loving your corsage, everything you make has an adorable sweetness about them (much like the creator). Have fun!

  11. oh darn! I missed your draw for this lovely pin! Congratulations to sweet myrtle!


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