18 September 2008


i'm getting there on my list of to dos...

one headpiece finished and i'm making my handbag tonight. only decided what to wear to the wedding in ireland yesterday after panicking that a) i needed something a bit more autumnal and b) that it's most likely to be cold so i'll need to wear tights! so i've abandoned my cream summer dress and gone for a jade green one with plum legs instead. if we get any decent photos i'll post some on our return! lucky ciaran is a groomsman so he has his suit hired and waiting for him when he gets there. it's so easy for men!

i know i made this little hat under pressure but it made me remember just how much i love creating them and i am very excited at the thought of testing the water and making a few to sell when i come home.

thank you for the sweet comments on the last post. i just made the draw and the corsage is heading off to sweet myrtle tomorrow. giveaways are fun. i must do more!

so it's back to the sewing machine for me now. cup of tea and the archers for company. i'll not be back until october 1st...so cheerio for now! xxx

p.s. i was so happy to hear from this lady yesterday...who i went to school with years and years ago. we're in touch now through facebook and i spent time falling in love with her shop and her hound when i found her wonderful website. hope you're reading this simone...how funny to find each other through blogland all this time later!


  1. Anonymous18.9.08

    hi kelly,
    your little jaunty hat is so pretty... i love the colours... my favouite pairing of green and purple.
    have a wonderful time at the wedding and i am so delighted to have won your givaway.
    with love
    ginny x

  2. that is such a sweet hat! i love the combination of plum and green. hope you have a wonderful time at the wedding! looking forward to hear from you again in october, erika

  3. WOW - I just found you in this space and want to say wow - the little hat is such a beautiful creation! Well done!

  4. oh what a pretty hat!, you will be the belle of the ball. i am sure i have been in your friends shop, stamford is just down the road from me!

  5. Indeed I am! A quick cup of tea, in between decorating the church, and starting on the tablecentres for a wedding tomorrow.
    The hat is lovely, I rather fancy something similar in red to wear around the shop.
    Have a fabulous time in Ireland

  6. You are so good at making those hats and it looks beautiful on you. What could be better than a jade dress and plum tights :)

    Enjoy the wedding xxx

  7. Hi Kelly,

    I had a wee trip over to Miss Pickerings, how wonderful!

    Hope you have a fab time in Ireland and I'm loving your hat. We have a wedding in November, maybe I could commission you to make me one too...?

    See you when you get back.

    L x

  8. Have a lovely time at the wedding, you look adorable - can't wait to see the pictures.

  9. Lovely hat Kelly and I hope you have a really lovely holiday - Natalie x

  10. a lovely hat! You're going to look just lovely! How nice for you to reconnect with a friend.

  11. Pretty as a picture. Reallylove the hat, its inspired me fo a December wedding. Hope you had a great time and enjoyed the well deserved break xx

  12. Hello Kelly,
    Have a totally fabulous time, your going to look beautiful, so stop worrying.
    Your friends website is gorgeous.
    Many hugs,
    Catherine x


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