08 October 2008


i finished off my first proper knitted scarf just before we went away...and now it's lined with a combination of cosy winceyette + vintage fabrics from my stash + a cotton print (how exciting to find a huge range of amy butler stocked at my local john lewis!)

now ready for me to wear with my new found love of all things navy + grey this season. also working on the 1st set of my autumn-winter range of accessories for my etsy shop in this colourway which will be called astrid. i'll be listing the update on 31st october.

i've had a big wardrobe remix recently...just a couple of new additions including coat + tights (essential for the chilly days ahead!) i feel the need to stress that my funds have been helped by ongoing ebay listings of the to-go pile of clothes...it seems a bit tasteless to talk of new indulgences in light of the current economy but this is my way of splurging without too much guilt...and a girl needs a bit of retail therapy every now and then!

sitting by the fire of an evening sans-knitting proved too much to bear and so project 2 has now begun. i got my mum to choose some wool (which coincidentally matches her new noa noa tights too) and once i'm done i'll be lining it like mine. it'll probably be for christmas as it's progressing at a slower pace...less chunky wool and thinner needles you see. thanks for your patience mum!

and just to finish off i'd like to show you some chairs that my dad found for us on gumtree this week. i am so happy with them + can't wait to make them over with new seat pads and a lick of beeswax.

p.s. drinking christmas tea today...loving the scent of cinnamon + spice as the cup steams on my desk! thinking that the next few weeks are going to snowball and i need to plan out gift making which i'll be doing alongside buying handmade this year.


  1. I'm so delighted you will be spending the rest of your life with a pair of knitting needles close by:)

    Looking forward to what you are going to doing with those chairs!!

    And your Etsy shop....noticed it was empty.....you and me both!!

  2. I love all of those! How hard is it to line a scarf with fabric?

  3. I LOVE the tights ...

  4. dear hanna...put it this way...it wasn't as easy as i thought it would be! i had it in my head that it was what i was going to do as i was knitting but with the natural wool i found that it did it's own thing and rolled in at the edges. after attempting to press it i made my patchwork lining to the same size and then just pinned the right sides together...sewed...then turned it through and hand-stitched the opening. it still curls but i quite like that it twists to show both sides! for project 2 the yarn i have is a bit more like cotton so i think it's going to press better...who knows?? i'm a try it and see girl! x

  5. Oooh, how insirational, and loving those colours, especially those tights!
    I'm running a beginners knitting class here in a couple of weeks and I'm so looking forward to it. Sat round the dining room table with the woodburning stove going and learning a new craft (well dusting off the old brain for me), it should be good.
    I could imagine it might be quite tricky to line the scarf, have you thought about using a really light weight iron on fusing, that might do the trick?

    L x

  6. Sorry, that sounded like I was taking the class, I'm just playing host and supplying the tea and cakes, a great friend is running the course!

    (just thought I'd better make that clear incase you thought I was some kind of expert knitter, no chance!!!)

    L xx

  7. Lovely scarf! Knitting is such a lovely thing to do at the end of the day, snuggled up by the woodburner. Your chairs are wonderful, what a lucky find.

  8. kelly, hi. such a beautiful scarf and polka dotted tights! hope you are enjoying the autumn. i am looking very forward to your shop update. xo

  9. Hello lovely girl, good to see you back.
    The wedding looked gorgeous.
    Loving the new scarf and the colour of the one for your Mummy is beautiful, she'll look of posh with that around her neck.
    Looking forward to seeing all your Christmas stock on etsy, any news on the book mark?
    Hope you're well, speak soon sweetie.
    Many hugs,
    Catherine x

  10. That's a beautiful scarf. Looks cosy and warm.

  11. I want those tights.....so much! Will have to go seek Noa Noa shop. Loving the scarf and tank top combo. Could we all have Dads with incredible bargain spying skills like yours please! x

  12. Hi please can you tell me (NOW!!) where those fabulous tights are from I (NEED) them. They are just lucscious!! thank you x

  13. a lovely autumnal post. love the tights and those chairs are wonderful!! Im looking for exactly something like that for our living room.
    cant wait to see your new collection :) xxx

  14. What a beautiful scarf kelly, so unique and gorgeous! love the colour of the wool your mum chose and congrats on the chair, swoon!

  15. Love your scarf and did I really hear you say Amy Butler fabrics in John Lewis?


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