20 September 2009


{photo of a couple of new display mats for autumn finds and little vases}

it's time for a new banner and some colour changes here. i always enjoy a little rearrangement...whether it's moving furniture round in the sitting room or tweeking the blog it's that instant satisfaction thing of taking a fresh look at an old space and feeling like i want to be there more.

good in this case because my poor blog has been rather neglected over the summer. autumn is a new leaf however!

i have just picked up c from the airport after waving goodbye him off to ireland on saturday. this left me free to travel new country roads to find miss pickering for a delightfully sunny sunday lunch and natter at oundle mill. i spent the rest of my weekend alone surrounded by fabric projects in front of the telly pausing for the odd nap and snacks of jam on toast by the fire. took a trip to the library and wrote out my months notice for the post office...this time in october i'll be gearing up for my last day at work there.

and finally some new {to me} blog reads...
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  1. Lovely photo.
    So pleased you will be leaving the Post Office sooner than later.
    Are you experimenting with smocks yet?

  2. ooh liking the new 'autumn' feel to your blog banner ;0) those mats look rather nice too! yeah settling very well into our new home already & it's only been two weeks today that we moved in so that's a good sign! enjoying eve's infront of the fire-you can't beat it can you ;0)

  3. so good to refresh!! i feel like doing the same :)



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