16 September 2009


well i have attempted a something from the old patterns i bought last week and it's turned out quite nicely. with a few of my friends about to have baby girls i thought the vest was a good shape to try out. this one is violet jersey with a bias binding cut from a favourite print bought online at purl a few years ago. something about it reminds me of the kind of thing worn by a doll i had called almond tea {from my strawberry shortcake collection...i shall write more on this childhood obsession another day}

and it's vests all round here. autumn winds are blowing like mad out there and hairstyles are hard to hold on to. the feather duvet is back on the bed and i foresee porridge back on the breakfast menu any day now. the stove has been lit every night this week and with all the wood chopping done at the weekend by ciaran and my folks we should have enough to keep us warm right through to spring.

in other wednesday news...we are off to see jon allen tonight in cambridge. baby's 2nd concert and i'm sure none of us will be disappointed with the beardy guitar man with the gravelly voice. love this song. my brother worked on one of his recent videos so i'm hoping for a good seat!


  1. hiya kelly,
    ahhh..love the baby vest very, very cute!! bet your having lots of fun looking at old patterns and things! i know what you mean about strawberry shortcake toys i used to love strawberry shortcake stuff too! i used to have the strawberry shortcake kitchen! oh how the memories come flooding back! have a fab time at the concert too-never heard of jon allen before-gonna go check him out ;0)

  2. I loved Strawberry Shortcake too. My girls played with my old Strawberry dolls.
    Yesterday I bought the girls some hair detangler and it was flavoured strawberry. As I was cuddling Kate last night it reminded me of my dolls.
    Gorgeous little baby vest.

  3. This is such an adorable top!

  4. oh kelly, this is so cute!! it makes me think of japanese clothing.

  5. that is a great top, lovely work. stumbled on your blog somehow. just saying hello!


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