02 November 2009


three months today is our due date : )

fifteen years ago today me and ciaran went on our first date.

we saw the adventures of priscilla, queen of the desert...and so our own adventure started.


  1. oh kelly! what a lovely adventure you guys are on, it must be such an exciting time for you both & with only 3 months to go until your little one arrives!!! xx

  2. We're soo excited here! Life is such a wonderful journey when shared with those who love you isn't it... xxx

  3. 15 years down and the rest of your lives ahead....well done.
    You mean I only have 3 months to make a bib?

  4. I love that you remember the date of your first date.


  5. We went on our first date on valentines day - all very odd being surrounded by romantic couples when you hardly know the guy opposite!

  6. Oh wow, you must be so excited. Thanks for your comment too. :) Hope everything goes well over the next couple of months. Look forward to pictures x


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