01 November 2009


hello november.

one day in and you have already seen me bake spicy gingerbread. warming soup is on the menu tonight and a game of scrabble with my super-competitive c. i wonder if our little one will take after him??

today we woke up to a grey wet windy morning...just before it turned dark we saw the sun set in the most beautifully pink sky. note to self...tomorrow could be laundry day.

when our cat comes in from outdoors i can't resist scooping him up and smelling his fur. i can't get enough of that leafy smoky earthy scent right now. and this is not a hormonal thing...i've always liked it. am i weird?

as usual i made a new calendar for the month. i didn't get round to buying one and have found it easier {and cheaper} to pick out an image and type up any special dates before printing. there are also quite a few nice freebies around...see here {lisa rupp} and here {notemaker} and a lovely desktop autumn one here {shanna murray}.

if you'd like mine you are very welcome {i am very excited that i just learned a way to create the link. i don't know if it's the best way but hey...i learned a new trick!} i shall have a practise pre-december to create something that's a bit more uniform and spacious...but til then...ta da!

nov 09 calendar

just click to print or for an a4 download...then fill in your november. Xx


  1. I used to do the same with my cat....and feel her little cold paws.
    I bought tined pumpkin today.....now all I need is a recipe:-)

  2. ooooohhh..i like your november calendar design!! i may have a go at printing that one out x
    ahh..i miss snuggling up to my fluffy cat and smelling her furry coat - smartie doesn't smell quite the same! although he does give great cuddles hehe! x x


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