06 November 2009


yesterday was my lovely friend lynsey's birthday. {i always find it easy to remember being guy fawkes night} the thing is she is the most calming and sweet person and couldn't be further from an explosive firework...much more like a happy sparkler to me.

here's the little brooch i made her and a card to match. inspired by a mix of blue eyes...autumn...shimmer...oh and fuzzy felts! {as recently brought to mind by miss pickering}


  1. This is really a lovely composition! Your friend is very lucky to get such a nice present!

  2. I loved your comment about the christmas memory book, something a whole family can contribute to.

    thanks for stopping by, and this brooch is so beautiful I bet she loved it, lucky girl!

  3. Wow, what a great present! I am sure she is thrilled with her brooch. Beautiful!


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