13 November 2009


{apologies for the poor quality photo...
this is one of those grey and dreary november fridays}
another week scoots by. another birthday card. for our godson who turns one next week. i must confess that my translation skills do not stretch much further than french and spanish for numbers but i managed to find a few more and even a gaelic one sneaked in for luck with the help of google. the wee man is coming to stay with us this weekend {with his mum and dad} and i guess we're about to discover how un-baby-proof our home is!

newsround extra...we got invited to a bonfire party last weekend and it was the perfect night for it. on the cliff edge at our friend's house in norfolk. bangers and soup and the clearest starry sky with a few ooohs and aaahs as we watched the fireworks.


  1. i really like the card kelly... and what an amazing shot of the bonfire party...hope you are snug and toasty!
    ginny x

  2. :) i could help you add another language.
    how was the practice run?! xxx

  3. Hi Kelly
    Just want to let you know I think of you often, with lots of love xxxxx


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