25 November 2009


today we received our first christmas card in the post...and still 5 days 'til december!

but i completely understand why this one winged it's way here at warp speed...being from our nephew seán and designed by the boy himself i'm sure he and his mum couldn't wait to premiere them to the world!

as for me...well i'm not nearly as organised as those folks in school. but i did order my card and it arrived today. sitting on my desk with ready to go stamps. i'm actually looking forward to getting going with a design. then i plan to enjoy the creative rhythm of the production line whilst listening to a spot of this and surrounding myself with the scent of winter. (ok definitely not that candle...but the diffuser oil instead which is more in my budget at £5!)


  1. what a colourful christmas card! very cute! always great to get hand drawn pics from the little'uns isn't it! :0) i guess you are going to be very busy with your crimbo card production line! i find listening to lots of music & singing along helps with the process ;0) han x

  2. what a cute card!!!!
    i cant believe its that time of year again!!
    hope you are well kelly. you look gorgeous! xxx


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