01 December 2009


a frosty beginning here to the new month. clear skies and the start of busy days ahead balanced with time to enjoy the good things. a fresh calendar has been printed out and lots of dates penned in to look forward to.

today i am happy i've worked out what direction our christmas cards are going to take.

got the mincemeat made {i include the almonds}.

discovered this sweet festive quilt project.

thought i might make this little tipple as a gift for friends who can indulge.

and fell for these charming birds {via tea for joy} who may just make their way in to someone's stocking.

yesterday i spent some quality coffee shop time with the very lovely miss pickering in stamford. drank a festive blended tea and talked blogs and flowers and long hair and babies. the hot topic of the morning was furniture revamp issues...how life is too short for tester pots and why do paints never seem to dry out the same as the shade card??


  1. The dresser is finally finished! it dried white.....a dash or 3 of black paint and it is now a battleship grey...but in a good way. Very impressed by the mincemeat, will you be making pies?

  2. well done...who needs f&b anyway? i bet it looks wonderful and now the fun part of dressing it up with your lovely wares!

    the pie part will be a-happening tomorrow...and then the eating...and so begins the over-indulgence of the season {as if we're any different the rest of the year?!} i will bring you a sample if i come back to stamford pre-christmas XxX

  3. ooh...just seen your button magnets over at miss pickering's! :0) i love buttons, who doesn't love buttons?! hehe! they look really lovely up there on miss pickering's dresser!
    Mmmm..ooh...mince pie making too! haven't even thought about making those yet, now thinking maybe i should...xx

  4. Oh I think you might have beaten me too it - the clays birds seem to be sold out!

    I am hoping to make it to one of the Christmas fairs and pick up a couple then - they are lovely.


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