23 December 2009


it began with my christmas cards. i have a real thing for clementines this year. it's the colour...i love it with blue. and today i made a few gifts of clementine curd {recipe found in jamie oliver's magazine...but can also be found here as i'm too lazy to retype it!} i did hear of the clementiny being introduced this year in supermarkets but never found one...too cute!

we're gearing up for the festivities nicely here. my folks are coming to stay tomorrow and we're going to eat our christmas feast on christmas eve night which is an old family tradition. i am seriously looking forward to the food but i know i'm going to have trouble with my eyes versus belly!!


  1. Yum! I love clementines and can't wait to try to make the curd.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. thank you for your christmas clementine card! it's sitting happily up on the shelf :0) the curd looks scrummy & very cute in that little jar!
    hope you have a lovely crimbo eve dinner tonight x

  3. oooh that looks heavenly, I see what you mean about the colour combination too. Merry Christmas


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