18 December 2009


i'm watching more snow twirl it's way down from the sky. it almost looks like feathers. crazy big flakes are dancing this way and that. the kind that don't really stick. a lot stuck last night though and we awoke to the dry crisp white stuff that is like icing sugar and satisfyingly crunchy underfoot.

the garden looked so pretty as the sun came up. and only the birds and the bosco had put their prints in. venturing into the town later and the sight was not so bewitching...grubby slush and a lot of folk making their way gingerly along the pavements. the council merrily gritting a bit too late.

but we're in for the day now and with plenty of wood to keep the stove going. tomorrow we're going to get our tree and officially declare it the holiday!


  1. Lovely images Kelly.
    Keep warm and safe this weekend.x

  2. Did you make it to Cambridge?
    Both mine and Ella's school closed, so we spent the morning with our neighbours sledging!
    I managed to post your parcel off yesterday, recorded delivery so it should be with on on monday.

  3. Beautiful words and photos kelly.
    Glad your home safe and warm with that little bump.
    Wishing you every happiness sweetie.
    Catherine x

  4. oooh I LOVE those pics of the rosemary. Our Christmas is so different here. Gorgeous blue skies and hot sunshine, swimming in the ocean every day and lots of sausages on bbqs. Lovely but I have massive snow envy xxx

  5. i remember days like this when i was young. your images are so pretty and remind me of coral..

    glad to hear you are enjoying time at home and keeping warm. xxx

  6. This is beautiful! Happy Holidays! xo.


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