17 January 2010


i refuse to let today be a down day...it's my brother ben's birthday {big hug to you} and so it has to be a happy one!

and whilst i'm on happy notes...did you know that 2010 is the year of turquoise? according to pantone anyway...i couldn't agree more. although every year could be for me. it's one of my favourite colours. i'm definitely a bluey-green-girl. always drawn to the same hues as my wardrobe will testify. if you fancy a five minute time waster take a peek at their colorstrology site {i am grasshopper green}.

there is something very calming about turquoise and it always looks good with so many other colours. the gorgeous button above is one of 6 special screen printed lovelies that my friend bought me a while back. i've had them pinned up to look at for ages but this year they need to further their careers by adorning something and step outdoors...it's making me really look forward to making more clothes in the coming months and basking in the beauty of colour!


  1. Hey Kelly that's Nancy's fav colour too. She's always wearing turquoise. Thanks for mentioning my blog xx

  2. ooh interesting i just had to check out my birthday colour! & it appears to be that i'm light mahogany!
    love your flower printing block in the photo btw ;0) x

  3. I'm the same - turquoise is just so uplifting, without being 'in your face'

  4. I feel exactly the same way about Turquoise and it is my birth stone too, I think that's why I have a particular affinity with Tiffany (well that is what I tell myself anyway!). I also think it looks fabulous with a tan. My living room is white with accents of turquoise and hot pink and its so uplifting and fresh. Love that button and love the way you used turquoise with black, grey and lemon on the gorgeous Astrid Headband you made http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=16785693&ref=em yummy!


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