15 January 2010


...is brought to you with flowers and cake.

may i offer you these varieties of ranunculus and marmalade loaf whilst you have a read?

i am most definitely craving springtime in scent and taste and sight and i intend to carry on indulging in all things citrusy for a while to come. there is something so uplifting about it and i really feel a need for it's powers on these drizzly dull days that we have right now.

further mood elevation has been found for me in other places this month and i very much recommend them to you too...

jenny writes about life with her young family in new zealand with the perfect blend of humour...frankness...warmth and {even though i know her from way back} i always come away from reading her posts feeling inspired and like i've sat down for a chat with an old friend. oh and it's summer over there too so i promise you'll come away with a smile and feeling like the sun has touched you on the shoulder! you can find her {newish} blog jenny jane rudd here.

snacking on toast and lemon curd...especially good in the afternoon with a cup {and saucer} of tea.

new tunes by charlotte g and beck.

cloud nine fabrics... now available at saints and pinners. i'm coveting their new collection beyond the sea which comes out in march.

getting that haircut i promised myself.

what are you doing to perk up your january days?

happy weekending folks Xx


  1. Lovely post as usual Kelly-Bump
    Your mention of lemon curd has caused me to seriously consider making some tomorrow.
    I am currently making myself very happy looking through plant and seed catalogues…..I think that shows my age.
    Wish I could join you with a big slice of your lemony cake.

  2. Thanks for the mention Kelly. We'll also be getting Beyond the Sea for the shop - we'll send a mailshot out when it's in. I love Ranuculus (i?!) - I really did want them for my wedding, but it was the wrong time of year. I 'made do' with cottage roses.

  3. The loaf looks *delicious*. Yum.

    What gorgeous fabrics, thank you for the link! I'll be buying the anemones from the Beyond the Sea collection, as I can see it in a 50's inspired dress which I'll be inspired to make! Hurrah!

  4. What a pretty post. Makes me long for spring and something sweet to eat. I'm doing a little winter gardening with my needle and thread. And I am dreaming of my cottage garden. Winter is so forever, it seems.


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