05 January 2010


{knitted by grandma-to-be}

the fabric shopping was a success and now it's just down to the making which my mum is ever so kindly helping me with. i really don't know if my pre-pregnancy brain could tackle the workings out of a roman blind let alone in it's current state and so i am beyond grateful and very very blessed to have a mother who is a whizz at such things. which gives me time to get on with a wee quilt...i am much better with teeny bits of fabric. the seven and a half metres of curtain material sat to the side of me on the desk are scaring me quite frankly!


  1. oh kelly the rabbit is adorable!
    i did a big 'ahhh' out loud!! my favorite cuddly toy of all time from when i was little was a rabbit my dad got me. he named it 'watcher'. he sat at the end of my bed & watched over me while i slept. he too had long arms & legs! the nursery looks beautiful! love the soft colours :0) han x

  2. I think I had a knitted grey rabbit....
    cutting fabric freaks me....I'm so pleased your mum is taking control of the curtains....I think you should put your feet up and read a book - while you still can have some quiet moments;-)

  3. such a cute rabbit, well done grandma!

  4. hearing about you decorating your nursery is making me nostalgic for being pregnant with my first. It's a deeply special, never to be repeated time. I'm glad you are savouring it. I spoke to Helen this morning, sounds like she is smitten with Minnie. How lovely to be holed up in the snow with the fire on, cuddling your baby and watching tv

  5. Alison utley! Do you remember those books? XX

  6. the rabbit is so sweet(my youngest has to have her bunny to snuggle with at bedtime), & i'm sure your nursery is going to be just lovely


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