03 January 2010


i have taken what seems like forever to decide on colours for the nursery. you know i've had so very long to dream about what it could be like and yet faced with the reality of actually being pregnant i have somehow not dared to make a start.

but something started to kick in over the last week {panic?} and finally we have a painted room and have furniture {umm...on order anyway...let's hope it'll be here in the next few days!} so now i can start to visualise our baby's room taking shape.

the nursery itself in painted is cracked clay 2 by dulux. kind of a pale peachy pink...a bit like calamine lotion and i'm really pleased how nice it looks against the white woodwork. so with a fairly neutral and warm base i am looking to use some bolder orange tones and pale greys with it. maybe a hit of greeny-blue too...just because me and ciaran are big fans!

the lovely artwork from tollipop has been really inspiring. having admired many of the prints i was lucky enough to receive an original watercolour of a sweet little girl from ciaran for christmas and she'll be on the wall for sure. do have a look at kirsten's etsy shop...adorable.

so i have a mood board. i have a quilt plan. and tomorrow i am going shopping for curtain and blind fabric with my mum...things are starting to happen! i'll be sharing updates over the next few weeks as it all comes together.


  1. Love the orange - such a cheerful colour!

  2. Oh how sweet! Looking forward to seeing the quilt + nursery come together! Happy New Year to you! XO.

  3. oohhh......how exciting!

  4. loving the colours and fabrics on the mood board, i know that whatever you make will be gorgeous! sending big hugs xxx

  5. getting ready for the baby is ba truly lovely job. Looking forward to sending you a few more bits and pieces as my littlies grow out of them. So excited to hear the news that the baby is here xx

  6. lovely colours and mood. love the pink doily!
    its funny, i find it easy to pick colours and designs for other people but when it came to doing up my own girls room, i found it so hard to decide on anything.

  7. love your mood board - something I'm working on myself so you've given me some inspirations !

  8. i don't know if i've told you yet.. congratulations on your upcoming babe. what wonderful news. enjoy all the love and anticipation kelly.

  9. I love the mood board - what a lucky babe. It's such a special thing to prepare a nursery, isn't it - almost like sending a message to the baby of how very wanted they are. I agonised over our little boy's nursery for weeks and even made my husband do mock-ups of each room scheme using some geeky programme on the computer. Eventually we painted silver stars all over a blue ceiling and it was lovely...which makes me feel really sad that we've now left that house and that the woman who lives there now (understandably) painted over them all.

    I can't wait to see your quilt - and you are so right to leave the curtains to you Mama - making them for my little girl's room which has the most enormous windows was one of the most unsatisfying, stressful sewing tasks i've ever undertaken (and I've since realised I don't like the fabric, which makes it even worse!).

    Gosh...I've written something of an essay here - sorry! x


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