01 January 2010


how lovely to wake up to sunshine and frostiness on january 1st.

a lie in and porridge was followed by a walk in burghley park. cheerful people and very cute dogs were plentiful and everyone we passed said hello. infectious happiness. lots of sheep and deer and christmas bicycles to spot. we wrapped up so warm but our pink noses needed a thaw out later by the fire at the george and we sat and drank hot chocolate enjoying the sight of lots of big bellied men {to rival my appearance!} in bright jumpers merrily come and go.

we chatted about how quickly a decade has come and gone. this one the first that we've seen through together and as {kind of} grown ups...making homes together...different jobs...marriage...travelling...all those life adventures that just happen but now we can look back on them and see how they shaped us in to us. it's nice. and it makes me even more excited about the next ten years.

so resolutions. i have just a few. some deep and some simple...
  • to learn to bake bready things {i.e. conquer my fear of cooking with yeast}
  • to curb my faffiness and be more of a do-er...too many lists and not enough ticks in 2009
  • to make our baby a quilt of her very own
  • to let go of the anxiety of the unknown. to welcome advice. to have faith in instinct
  • to keep journalling be it with pencil...keyboard or camera
  • to discover and share a whole new side of life with the ones i love close-by
...oh and to get my hospital bag packed. and my hair cut. it could be a month tomorrow!


  1. happy new year, kelly! i like your resolutions. wishing you and yours all of the best. xo

  2. happy 2010! x a very exciting time for you & yours is fast approaching wishing you all the very best! x

  3. oh kelly, its nearly here - the big day. i wish you both an amazing year full of health, happiness and lots of pink days :)
    im so excited for you! your list sounds pretty good to me.
    happy new year xxx


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