20 April 2010


ochre shoes by naughty clark's
{this is no clue to how i'll be voting...decisions decisions}

this week i am re-jigging my wardrobe as laid out in the spring manifesto. packing away the winter things and discovering some old pre-pregnancy friends...hoping they will fit! selling my maternity clothes on ebay and looking forward to making some new tops and skirts. a hair cut is needed too. radical chop or safe trim? i have tried so many but when do you know you've got the right style? i think it could be the safe trim. long hair is good for my gemini tendencies...up or down.


  1. They are wonderful Kelly....perfect for now.

  2. Are they new those shoes? Because I love them! I'm sure I had a similar pair when I was about 7 years old. And radical hairstyle, definitely.

  3. ooh noo shoes! love the colour!
    i would love a hair change too
    been trying to grow it long for a good while now so i've been sticking to 'safe trims' only. it would be great to have a re-style though ;0) x


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