20 April 2010


inspired by jackie's post today i am featuring my handwriting...this was very much grab a marker and scribble quick before photographing e! handwriting is most definitely an interest and a passion for me. jackie got me thinking right back to classes at junior school when we actually had handwriting lessons. we had to draw a guideline on the pages of our books with pencil and a ruler so that we could get the letters all at the same level. i loved that kind of lesson!
i am fascinated by left-handers. when i worked at the post office i had the ideal spot for watching folk scribe. one man in particular had the most exquisite writing. i would see him join the queue. i would try to hold myself back on occasion but found it impossible not to tell him how in awe of his handwriting i was. he would always be embarrassed but equally he always thanked me for noticing. he always used sepia ink and obviously a fountain pen. seriously it was like the stunning calligraphy you see in places like this and this. beautiful. he was probably in his 60s and if i see him about town he will most probably think i'm stalking him!my most favourite style has to be french handwriting. as you may have noticed i have a bit of a thing for amandine at the moment. i even try to imitate it sometimes but i don't think it works unless you really are french!
please do join in.


  1. great post! it's made me go back & remember those good old school days! i too remember the writing lessons in little school & practicing joined up writing for the first time. after lots of practice one day the teacher gave me my very first berol pen to write with. i can remember how happy i was! it was a very exciting time!
    great snaps of elsa doesn't she look like you! :0) x

  2. isn't little e just the cutest (& looking even more like her daddy than ever!) i am always the same when i write letters, i start really neat but by the end i've started to go wonky & think more about what i'm writing than how i'm writing it!

  3. Elsa looks utterly gorgeous and adorable, what a cutie she is!

    I'm a left-hander and love taking the time to get out my fountain pen and write a letter.... or a list ... anything really, though I notice my writing is always better with a good pen!

  4. This is such a beautiful post. Your baby is gorgeous. What a lovely way to respond the writing challenge.
    Thank you.

  5. What a beautiful baby....... what an innovative way to respond. . . . right now I want to turn the clock back and have my babies little again. . . :O)

  6. Hey Kelly
    what a lovely way to photograph little Elsa. She is gotrgeous. Yes, she looks like her Daddy but I can definitely see you too.
    A funny little thing about handwriting..... my handwriting relearnt as a leftie after my accident is exactly the same in style as when I wrote right-handed. Strange and tells you lots about your brain, doesn't it? I'm a sucker for a fountain pen scribed note too xx

  7. Elsa is SO gorgeous!

    I love handwriting too, my Dad has the most beautiful hand and also prints in perfect, little letters. I've never seen anyone with handwriting like him - you've inspired me to post some of his now!

  8. Anonymous21.4.10

    This has been a great idea and I'm exploring new blogs as well! Cute small person, and smart writing - a bit of an italic feel to it? I always used to use a fountain pen, a Parker 51 which I was given in my teens....had it for years, and then gave it to my daughter when she was interested in good handwriting. She is still using it 20+ years later!
    Cheers, Sue

  9. Adorable. I love hand writting, mine is terrible. I get my husband to hand write for me.

  10. oh my gosh... 3 months! what a beauty kelly!!
    A visit will be made to the post office this week.. i promise!!!

    LOVE your new shoes too.
    Kisses for you and little e xxx

  11. My handwriting is chaotic, i remember witting next to Rory in physics who had the most beautiful handwriting, and failed at trying to emulate hers.

    Dear Elsa should come with some sort of warning, she is too beautiful.


  12. Mother Hen8.5.10

    Elsa should definitely come with a warning......she makes me want to steal her (if only for a kiss and cuddle for awhile) She is adorable xxxx
    PS When are you coming to Stamford to show off said beautiful creature?

  13. Oh my goodness, hasn't she grown? She looks so much like you and so cute! Loving your handwriting and how it looks on screen...there's something more intimate about script.

  14. Oh my you have the most gorgeous little lady.So cute. My dad still writes calligraphy with a fountain pen. Every one always admires it. The art of writing is some what lost these days. Shame.


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