25 April 2010


today i had the honour of holding
a teeny tiny newborn baby boy in my arms

precious william

we took him a quilt and some biscuits

{mix together}
4 tbsp rolled oats
30g cornflour
110g s.r. flour
85g caster sugar
110g unsalted butter
splash of milk

roll in to little balls
{makes about 20}
flatten a little and place on a lined or greased baking tray
in to a pre-heated 190 degree or gas 5 oven for 12-15 mins

cool then dip in melted chocolate
you need about 100g
{prettify with a crystallized violet}

adapted from a jamie o magazine recipe
{his version is perfect for a girl}
white chocolate with pink peppercorns


  1. corr those biscuits look delicious!
    beautiful blanket too x

  2. Those biscuits look great. I was holding a little 4 month old boy yesterday and it only felt like yesterday that my little Ruby was that small. Now she is climbing, running, chatting, laughing and has such a big personality already. It goes so fast.

  3. Hmm those look yummy! So nice to have had a look at your blog and all the stuff I missed out on while I've been away! Love the 3 month old photo, and the handwritting thing, very interesting! I find that we spend so much time typing, it's always a little difficult to get back to writing, and my handwriting has definitely suffered for it, it's just not as nice as it was when I was at school! Shame I missed your giveaway!

  4. That quilt is amazing, wonderful presents.


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