01 May 2010


today my grandfather roy passed away.

i have written and deleted and written this post again so many times. i can't believe that he has gone...and in some ways i just wanted to put up another jolly post about cakes or clothes but i can't start back to that without some words about a man who i hold so dear.

my cousin once called him his hero and i couldn't agree more.

he really meant the world to me. family meant everything to him and he made us all feel loved. what better legacy could a person leave? there are so many memories i'll cherish of him. and what makes me really happy is that he loved my husband like a grandson and that he got to meet his great-granddaughter who he knew was our little miracle.

all around our home there are pieces of his beautiful woodwork and touches of his kindness. he helped to decorate the nursery. buds on the roses he gave me over the years are beginning to peek round the kitchen window. he bought elsa's pram. old photographs. new photographs. eating cold crumble just the way he loved to...how lucky and proud i am to say that he is my grandad.