30 May 2010


thank you so much...

to every one of you who left a comment or emailed me regarding the last post. all of your thoughts and suggestions made me feel that bit more reassured...we shall be trying out things {so many things i'm sure} over the next few weeks and i fear months ahead. elsa's skin continues to be up and down...one day it looks like it's improving and that we've turned a corner and then it looks worse than ever.

but tomorrow we are heading away on holiday. over the waves to visit the family in mayobridge...ireland. tomorrow a road trip lays ahead and a ferry ride then more driving. the volvo is bursting at the seams with luggage. i am filled with excitement and nerves in equal measure. time away with a baby. away from the security of our home enviroment. but how wonderful to be introducing our girl to all her gorgeous gorgeous relatives who have patiently waited 4 months to see her. i am thinking that i'm probably not going to get quite my quota of cuddles as she will be passed from grandparents to aunts to uncles to cousins to nieces and nephews!!

and another good thing is that we'll be able to see how she is in a slightly different climate...no mr b...softer water...and hopefully more relaxed parents! i shall be back to report on our adventures in a few weeks. in the meantime cheerio to may and once again thanks so much for your concern and kind words xX


  1. Hope the change of air does you all wonders and that you have a super time showing off Elsa.

  2. hope you all have a really lovely time,

  3. Hope you have a lovely time.....

  4. Bless her, poor little thing, I hope that some of these magical remedies help! I also hope she'll enjoy all the attention, have a lovely trip!

  5. I hope sweet E enjoys her first trip to ireland and the air does her some good. i hope you all have a great time and wanted to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY my friend!!! enjoy , enjoy your time away celebrating and the change in scenery.
    im sure you will find something to help her skin soon..
    hugs, julie xxx


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