14 June 2010


you just need your mum. today i really needed mine. even if i got up this morning thinking that i could cope and that somehow i'd plough on with a headache from hell. sometimes there is nothing better than just having your mum with you and telling you it's ok to have some help.

so thank you mum for letting me nap for an hour. to soak in a lavender bath. for taking elsa for 3 walks. ironing the holiday laundry. and making her a beautiful skin-friendly-cotton cardigan. i am a lucky daughter indeed.


  1. & what a lovely cardigan it is too!,

  2. Good for you because sometimes as mums its hard to ask for help when you really need it. Bet all three of you really benefited from the change around. What a gorgeous cardi and how lovely to put the label at the bottom so it's not all itchy.


  3. lovely cardi! Your Mum is very talented.
    Mums are great aren't they, and you appreciate them even more when you've had a child of your own.

  4. Great that your mum is nearby. We miss that being overseas. What a cute cardi - love the colour and the flowers.

  5. Mums are just the best aren't they! Especially when they make delightful clothes too! My mum was up for a long weekend to look after Stella so we could get on outside (the mass tidy-up after the builders!) and get on with some painting (strong white in our bedroom!). I'm missing her today, as is little Stella Bella!
    Hope you had a lovely break in Ireland and little Elsa's skin is feeling better?

    Speak to you properly soon,
    Sending much love,
    Lisa & wee Stella! xxx

  6. I wouldn't function without Mummy.

    Glad to see you are back, can't wait to hear about Elsa's trip to the Emerald Isle.

    I hope the headache cleared

  7. What a gorgeous, gorgeous little cardigan!

    Hope you're feeling better now! x

  8. Hope all is going well with Elsa and you are having some success with her skin.
    I've tagged you over at mine with a few questions, if you'd like to join in.


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