06 July 2010


it's fair to say it's been a while.

and i find myself about to write an epic post...but friends...i fear this would not be good for you nor me right now.

there is much to say about the highs + lows of june + early july. this evening though i am taking a simple step back to the land of blog...then a cup of tea has my name on it {unfortunately with a side order of ironing i might add!}

the subject :: have you tried these floral black teas?

i have to say that they are a true delight to sip. i have been all too fond of the coffee pot lately...topping up with {dare i admit it? oh just did then} instants to keep me perky when sleep hasn't been of the generous portions i dream of. so it is good to reacquaint myself with something a little more elegant in my day. rose garden is my favourite. perfect for now. a little bit english country garden twee...a little bit middle eastern exotic. i have tried it accompanied by both battenberg and a date...both are incredibly right.

i have been experimenting with the new design feature on blogger...have you been tempted? i am not too happy with my meddling ways and feel a compulsion to sit and get it properly sorted but that's a job {indulgence} for another evening.

hope you're all enjoying high summer. i'm looking forward to sharing nice tales of a real life meeting with another blogger...a summer ball...creations that i have actually finished stitching...japanese craft books to make you beam + how our wee girl continues to steal our hearts and break them a little more when she gets poorly. back soon folks. x


  1. Will definitely be trying these.
    I never used to be a black tea drinker until I started working at school. We have to bring our own tea and milk in, so after a few weeks of (not very successfully) remembering to bringing in little bottles of milk every week, I gave up and now I just drink black earl grey or lemon green tea. I'm not a big fruit/herbal tea drinker, but I like the citrusy ones.

    You sound like the last month has been pretty exhausting, either physically or emotionally or maybe both. I hope things get easier and that Elsa gets better.


  2. Nice to see you back. I love coffee but have recently been experiencing the same problem of caffeine related insomnia- put it down to hitting my 30s!

    Can't wait to hear about your summer antics. Cx

  3. You are back.

    I will hunt out the teas, sound like just the thing.

    The design button has been winking at me, but so far i have resisted, i am terrified of losing everything. However it appears you have discovered the secret to getting things on the left hand side. You have inspired to tinker.



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