11 October 2010


paint and paper are go around here. in the kitchen we present green blue. turns out arsenic wasn't right. right for something...i loved it but not for the walls. i'm glad i tester-potted! i have lived and learned from past experiences and disappointments.

and music to enhance productivity today...nashville blues. i dare you not to say yee-ha.


  1. Gorgeous colour Kelly. We have green in our kitchen with wooden shelves and white tiles. Green used was http://www.firedearthshop.com/epages/FEShop.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/FEShop/Products/R0-119/SubProducts/ECSPOAKFERN

    we love it. How are the paper samples coming along? Have you chosen yet? Lou x

  2. I'm glad you didn't go with arsenic.....green blue is lovely.

  3. Hi darling,
    lovely soft A T colour, good choice! mum xx


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