04 October 2010


it's nice now we can all eat the same thing for our dinner. today a butternut squash + chicken risotto with sage. whizzed up a bit + enjoyed by elsa. then seasoned for me + c {with additional parmesan for us dairy eaters!} lovely comforting creamy rice in a bowl. perfect for evenings that are creeping in earlier + with an added chill. i really think it could be any day now that we light the woodburner.

fry half a diced onion in olive oil with a chopped chicken breast.
add a small diced butternut squash + 4 chopped sage leaves.
throw in about 200g of aborio rice + stir to coat until the grains start to cook.
add hot stock {i actually just used water today as i didn't have any homemade-non-salty-baby-friendly ready + it still tasted lovely!} stirring little by little as it cooks + turns creamy.
i test the rice for bite + it usually takes about 20-25 mins to cook through.
season + sprinkle with cheese {cheddar is good too}.
enjoy. wipe behind ears {that's just elsa you understand}.
get cosy!

{experimenting with photo sizes...seems only square ones come up as big as i'd like. any ideas?}


  1. You need to change the html once you've uploaded your pictures to the pixel size you want - then look for where it says s400 and change it to s800.

  2. i'm definitely going to give that recipe a go - sounds so tasty,

    also if i was you i'd have had that wood burner lit last week! but i'm sure it will be all the better for holding out a bit x

  3. Oo yum, that looks delicious. It's great at this stage, they will try anything you put in front of them. Charlie has only just discovered he like mashed potato after years of refusal!

    I use Picnik for photo editing, save them at 550 size, then re-size them in blogger once in place to extra large. Hope this helps.
    Lou x


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