30 November 2010


i am such a stranger here lately.

i feel quite convinced that there will soon be no one about to greet me should i make it here to post photos or kitchen ramblings or baby reportage or even (hold your horses!) creative projects.

there has actually been quite a handful of those goings-on in my real life but for tonight i just made it this far to make a list. so on the eve of what is sure to be an incredibly cold december i think i will just note a few current loves and happenings.

these wonderful stirrup socks...and as a knitwear (wish i could knit) fan i am still enjoying this handmaker's shop of delights.
way back i took out a subscription to a new magazine. i waited. and waited. issue one of anthology was definitely worth the wait. i'd recommend it for lots of ooo's and aaa's.
i'm planning on baking a birthday cake for my dad's 60th. should i go fancy or make his old favourite?
the american...i actually got taken on a date to the pictures! it was very beautiful.
i am working on a commission for a wall hanging with my mum. one of our 1st pieces since i had elsa. luckily it is a loose deadline...getting back in the swing of it has been trickier than i thought. but it has been good to put pen to paper and be designing again.

tired eyes will return. please check back!


  1. Emilie.1.12.10

    I hope this comment will arrive, you seem so disappointed !
    I 'm a french fan ! I love the way you mix life and art, your pictures are so nice ! I love your Manifesto and I try to do my own one at home ! I have a passion for socks and hats this season, snow is in Versailles now !
    Anthology is so wonderful ... i agree, did you watch the video "print is not dead" ?
    I wish you a great christmas time !

  2. merci beaucoup emilie! what a lovely comment. so nice to know that you are reading...i didn't mean to sound disappointed or sad. it is just that i find my posts are so irregular that i imagine people will give up visiting this space! so your wave from versailles in much appreciated. hope you are enjoying the snow and keeping cosy. england is so cold too...lots of snow so lots of knitwear to be worn! yay! do you have a blog? i couldn't find a link or an email address to send this personally (so fingers crossed you see it somehow) xX

  3. I'm still here....always reading. Enjoying reading hundreds of blogs and links becaue I don't have an awful lot else to do apart from try to finish knitting a blanket. Feet up and waiting...20 days to go! Lots of love xxx

  4. im here too! ooh is there an actual paper magazine for anthropologie? im sure its good for ooo's and aa's. thats one thing i miss here are the uk design mags!!
    congrats on the wall hanging :)

  5. i wrote anthropology instead of anthology.. silly me!

  6. Anonymous5.12.10

    Thank you Kelly !
    So nice !!!
    I sent you a message in your email box !


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