08 December 2010


for the most part it really has been easy to stand back and watch mother nature's beautifully creative work outdoors...there is little need to add anything to the icy treasures surrounding our home this winter.

but i have enjoyed making an addition to the festive prettiness out there in the form of a christmas garland for our front door. i had a nice crafting hour to myself last night. if it wasn't for the late light i would have endeavoured to do a step by step...but trust me it was a doddle. using a wire floristry wreath form i wrapped some light wadding and then some strips of fabric around it. in my usual style it was an organic project...i didn't really have a finished version in my head but just used things i have to hand. the ivy is from the garden {grabbed in the freezing evening air with a torch!} i bound it on with some sweet brown paper string and then wound a little right round the garland...tying up at the back. {jingle bells from the decorations box} total cost to me...£1.50 for the wire form.


  1. Lovely. I like the spotty fabric. I use jingle bells on my wreath too. Take a peak from last year.....


    Its not up yet, but hopefully we'll get the house decorated for Christmas on Sunday.

  2. kelly I love the idea that you pootle about crafting bits and pieces to the tune of a Christ carol or 2 xxx

  3. thats really pretty.
    wishing you and yours the best for the holiday season. i hope you enjoy your first one with little e! xxx


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