21 December 2010


festive baking.

and may i recommend this recipe? the little rose nuggets stay delightfully chewy in the almond-y rounds. i have tested too many already!

next cookies in the oven. cranberry and white chocolate.

what are you making?


  1. These sound wonderful - no wonder you can't stop eating them...
    I have made 2 batches of mincepies - 48 in total and all gone....
    I have bought some white chocolate with a view to make some cookies but not sure I will bother as we have LOTS of food in the house.

  2. mmm we're a big fan of the cranberry cookies round here! i've got mince pies planned for tomorrow, having spent this evening straining & bottling up the sloe gin,

    hope you all have a lovely Christmas, Kellyx

  3. yummm these sound/like delicious! We are making shortbread biscuits, and chocolate truffles this week.

    Have a wonderful Christmas! Lou xx

  4. A very Merry Christmas to you! xx

    Turkish Delight cookies? Oh my.....


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