01 August 2012

and so the calendar flips again. today was a cloudy warm wednesday. tonight it really struck me that it seems it got dark earlier. i hope it is my imagination getting the better of me.

this morning i baked banana bread with elsa. adding chopped dark chocolate to my favourite recipe from tessa kiros' apples for jam book. i make it with dairy free spread and it works a treat. of course elsa then doesn't end up eating it and i could have used butter but then...you know...she'd want to try it. she likes the baking part and the licking of the spoon so all is not lost. and it is the best breakfast cake with coffee.

new month and another delightful desktop download from rebekka. have you discovered dear friend? oh it is a blog i could sit and pour over all day. just beautiful. i have had serious home envy...

so off i go to bed now and with pen and paper to make the mother of a list...things to get done in our own home before we have lovely family visiting from ireland at the end of august. those projects that i keep thinking i'd like to get round to.

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  1. I love Tessa Kiros' book, it's so very different to most cookery books in that it's simple food made sexy.

    Oh, dear friend is gorgeous! Thanks for the link!


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