10 August 2012

Fonts Footwear Feline

so friday's post is brought to you by the letter f...

today my dad was sowing grass seed with this awesome seed sower machine...i love the lettering. he thinks me a bit bonkers for taking a photo of it i know! but font lovers...you understand?
he who has not featured much in this space for a while is still the coolest cat in town. top of bosco's list of jobs to do this summer is to snooze more on the decking. he has it sussed.
and new sandals! well old new sandals. vintage italian. yes kind of granny-ish (i believe they are know as bunion-busters? but if they're good enough for maggie gyllenhaal what can i say) they fit the worishofer style that i've been seeking out for a while. and only £10 in our town's 2nd hand clothes shop. we have an annual 1940s weekend coming up where lots of the locals dress up in vintage clothes and so the charity shops have some great things in at the moment. i feel like they've done all the rummaging and presented me with a rack of things i'd have to rummage to find. hooray!

hoping your weekend's are bright and beautiful...


  1. What lovely sensible shoes Kelly - I do hope they are as comfortable as they look - hey wouldn't it be great if comfort became fashionable??
    Pleased to see Bosco taking it easy.

  2. They are fabulous - the colour, the style.....just gorgeous.

    Nina x

  3. Hi Kelly- I gave you a wee award over at my blog. Hope thats ok- no pressure to do it and sorry if you have one already, Jo xx

  4. hellooooooo!! long time!!! so lovely to visit over here after so long and see what you have been up to.
    i think my blog is non-exsistent - would love to return..the last few months i have only had time to obsess with pinterest.

    Elsa is the sweetest little girl! give her a big kiss from me :) and your creations are gorgeous.

    lots of love, julie xxxx

  5. Just popped over from Binds You to Me ... your blog is so pretty ... love your new to you sandals ... they look super comfy ... will be joining your happy followers ... Bee x


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